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Bill Gargano

Orange, CA

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Bill Gargano

Bill started skydiving in 1970 when he was sixteen. 

By 1973 he had completed rigging school and started working full time in the parachute industry.  For the next ten years he worked for Parachutes Incorporated, Irvin Industries, Inc. as a draftsman, started his first business B. Gargano & Company in 1979 while he was still employed at Irvin Industries, Inc.  He later accepted the position of Engineering Manager for G.Q. Security Parachutes, and eventually resigned in March of 1984 to start Quantum Parachutes with a partner.

Bill now has over 25 years of parachute design, testing and manufacturing experience in military and sport applications.  His concentration is on project management of the research, development, and implementation of new parachute technologies.

He has developed five lines of sport ram air parachutes for Quantum Parachutes, Inc. and does limited test jumping. He also lectures on parachute use, design and performance to hang gliding, paragliding, powered paragliding and powered parachute groups three to six times a year.

He has completed the design, development and production start-up of: 

1.)  a military use, ram air parachute for Guardian Parachute, Santa  Ana, California;
2.)  a ram air parachute for the Bureau of Land Management Smokejumpers, Boise, Idaho; FS-14
3.)  a series of paragliders for two California companies;  Skywalk and Summit.
4.)  a series of polyconical hang glider and paraglider recovery parachutes for High Energy Sports, Inc., Santa Ana, California;  SkySeries, Advantage and Quantum.
5.)  a polyconical ultra-light recovery parachute for Second Chantz, Reno, Nevada; 
6.)  Four series of powered ram air parachutes for Buckeye Powered Parachutes, Inc., Argos, Indiana. 
7.)  a gliding round Smokejumper parachute for the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center. 
8.) the SF-10A gliding polyconical parachute for the U.S. Army, 10th Special Forces Group.
9.) A series of “shaped” ram-air powered parachutes for High Energy Sports, Inc.

He has also spent two years as an engineer for the main ram-air wing used on the International Space Station X-38 Crew Return Vehicle.

October 1974 - March 1976
Air Force Parachute Rigger
Served on a SAC base packing landing brake parachutes for B-52’s and emergency parachutes for B-52's and KC-135's.


August 23, 1983
Assigned to:  Edward Strong, Orlando, FL.
A gliding parachute of the flexible, multi-cell airfoil type.  A special pilot chute and bridle assembly are provided so that upon deployment of the main chute the pilot chute will automatically collapse to substantially reduce its drag.  Pilot chute design currently used by Bureau of Land Management for drogue deployment of ram air parachutes.

July 7, 1987
A slider which permits removal in flight by pulling downward on a pair of handle to release tear-a-way connectors.

August 4, 1987
Line attachment reinforcement structures forming a Y, T or other configuration and terminating below the upper canopy to distribute the load from the suspension line without puckering or otherwise altering the preferred airfoil configuration of the upper and lower canopies.

November 10, 1987
A combination of two and three chamber cells with suspension line dimensions and trim angles are used to impart multiple pressure centers and different arc anhedral shapes to improve various characteristics of the parachute including opening, stability and accuracy.

Master Parachute Rigger, Licensed by FAA in 1976
Sr. Parachute Rigger, Licensed by FAA in 1973
Expert Parachutist, USPA license D-7570
Advanced Parachutist, USPA license C-10387
Parachutist, USPA license A-2883

United States Parachute Association (USPA)
United States Hang Gliding Association (USHG)